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Amaranth Himalayan
500 gm
Price: 135
Amaranth is a traditional staple grain that has outlasted many generations. It has a few similarities to quinoa in terms of nutritional content but it makes for a great replacement for quinoa. It is completely gluten-free and high in lysine?an amino-acid found in minor traces only in wheat and other grains this makes amaranth a complete protein and a major sources of vitamins. Amaranth can be used as a wonderful replacement to steamed white rice it can be ground into a flour and used in place of wheat as a gluten free option it can be used in place of quinoa in salads bakes and other delicacies the seeds can be popped and used on toasts or as porridge or cereal with some generous helpings of fresh fruit seeds and milk/yogurt added to the mix. Tag: rajgira raajgira gluten free grains

500 gm


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