Nourish Organics

Amaranth Muesli
300 gm
Price: 350
With a mix of whole grains seeds nuts and raisins our Honey Crunch Muesli is a crunchy and satisfying granola that everyone will enjoy! A bowl of this muesli is packed with amazing goodness full of heart-healthy fibre strengthening plant protein nourishing omega-3?s - all sweetened with a golden touch of honey. Mix with your favorite yogurt chopped apple and dates for an energising start to your day! Ingredients: Wheat flakes (23.2%) Barley flakes (23%) Oats flakes (18%) Organic Dry fruits (13.5%) [raisins cashew nuts almonds] Organic flaxseed (12%) Organic Honey (10%) & Vanilla extract.

300 gm


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