Ponni ParBoiled Rice
1 kg
Price: 120
Parboiled rice also known as converted rice is a partially precooked rice. Parboiling happens when the rice is soaked steamed and dried while it?s still in its inedible outer husk. This turns the rice inside a slightly yellow hue. This rice was cultivated harvested and parboiled without the use of any chemicals / pesticides. Parboiling rice makes it easier to remove the husk of the rice before eating it. The process improves the texture of the rice making it fluffier and less sticky when you cook it than regular rice. This Parboiled rice from the traditional Ponni variety has several health benefits - 1) The starch in this rice acts as a prebiotic and promotes gut health 2) Ponni Parboiled rice has a lower impact on blood sugar levels making it a safer choice for people with diabetes. Ideal for cooking as rice as well as for making dosas. Tag: Dosa Rice Par-boiled Rice Low-GI Rice

1 kg


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