Black Kavuni
1 kg
Price: 260
Black rice is a special type of rice where the grain is black as opposed to white. Commonly called by the name Emperor?s rice black rice was believed to be consumed by ancient Chinese. This forbidden rice contains more phytonutrients in it. Karuppu Kavuni is one of the traditional rice varieties. It is highly rich in fiber antioxidants and acts as a perfect detoxifier for liver prevents diabetes cancer. This rice was cultivated and harvested without the use of any chemicals / pesticides. Many recipes are made using Black rice. Most popular among them is Dosa puttu rice paayasam Pudding with Coconut & Mango Risotto plain rice with various curries and others. Tag: Black Rice Par-boiled Rice Low-GI Rice karuppu kavuni Burma Rice Manipur Rice Sticky Rice

1 kg


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