Seeraga Samba Rice
1 kg
Price: 160
Seeraga Samba (known in AP/Telangana as chiiti mutyalu) rice derives its name because of its small white ovular fine grains which resemble seeds of Seeragam/Jeera/Cumin and our farmers cultivate the rice in Samba season (August to January). The rice is rich in selenium and phytonutrients. It is loaded with antioxidant and fibre. The rice is known for its rich aroma and fluffy texture makes it people?s choice for their most favourite dish biryani in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is also a healthy choice for biryani. This rice requires very less water to cook and requires no soaking. The rice was cultivated harvested and polished without the use of any chemicals / pesticides. Tag: jeera rice chitti mutyalu aromatic rice biryani rice Low-GI Rice

1 kg


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