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100 gm
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These have a strong aroma and a bitter taste. But when used in small quantities they impart a wonderful flavour to our food. Can be used in curries, vegetable dishes, dals and not to forget the mouth-watering methi paratha. Methi contains protein, fibre, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, iron and alkaloids. It also contains a compound diosgenin which has oestrogen-like properties, as well as steroidal saponins. These compounds impart many benefits to methi ? from being your beauty product to being an answer to your health problems! Certified organic Methi seeds for all your daily needs. These are also called fenugreek seeds in English and menthulu in Telugu. We source spices from farmers in our trust network in AP, Karnataka and Kerala. To the best of our knowledge they are organic or naturally grown and are devoid of chemicals Search Tags: Menthulu, Menthi, whole spice

100 gm


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