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Mango - Ratnagiri Hapus premium
Price: 720
This variety is from coastal Maharashartra, affectionately called Hapus. These mangoes are certified organic, have great fragrance and amazing taste. Perfect as a cut fruit, this can also be used for pulping, juicing and mango ras. Ratnagiri Alphonos or Hapoos is undoubtedly the most superior variety among Indian mango cultivars in terms of sweetness and flavour. The golden brown flesh is creamy and completely free of fibre. This variety is from coastal Maharashartra. Our box will contain 6 pieces of carefully selected alphonso mangoes for your family and friends. If any mango has a worm issue, we will gladly replace with a new one. We have selected Grade A1 and A1plus for our customers, where the mango sizes are above 250gm per piece. To the best of our knowledge they are organic or naturally grown and are devoid of synthetic agro-chemicals. Search Tags: Fruits, Alponso, Hapus


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