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Kaattuyanam Red
1 kg
Price: 180
Red rice is a special type of rice where the grain is red as opposed to white. Typically Red Rice is a rich source of Iron and zinc which induce production of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin. Our Kaatuyaanam Par Boiled Rice is a nutrition packed traditional rice from Tamil Nadu. This rice was cultivated harvested and parboiled without the use of any chemicals / pesticides. The rice s high in soluable and insoluable fiber and great for gut health. The rice is called the "Enemy" of diabetes as it decreases the blood glucose breakdown thus reversing or preventing diabetes. Rich in Manganese Iron and Zinc. This increases production of red blood cells boosts immune system and keeps the body cells & nerves healthy. Highly recommended for people fighting obeisity and diabetes. The ideal dishes for this rice are idly Dosa and porridge (kanji).. Search Tags: Red Rice Red Boiled rice Parboiled red rice kaattu yanam kattuyanam

1 kg


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