Live Yum

Cheddar Shreds
200 gm
Price: 349
These cheddar cheese shreds are fully plant based allergen-free and are a clean-label solution; and can be used like real cheese. Please note: this product is NOT organic. Use it generously as you would in any dish calling for melted cheddar ? like creamy mac ?n? cheese or loaded nachos! Made with the highest quality ingredients Live Yum's cheddar style is only 92kCal per serving and has 0 cholesterol and trans fat making it a healthier option as compared to other cheese in the market. Ingredients: Modified potato starch filtered water refined coconut oil inactive yeast sea salt citric acid annatto (natural color) and vegan natural flavor. Search Tags: Vegan Vegan Dairy Dairy Free Cheese Vegan Cheese Cheddar

200 gm


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