GoodSeeds | Our family, Our earth

Our Vision

GoodSeeds will remain a community of people who care about their personal and family’s health, environment and society. Our community will facilitate lively interactions within and create accessible marketplaces to:

Providing Information

Provide information and access to consumers on healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices

Fetching Fair Price

Fetch fair price to local and marginal producers of sustainable goods and services

Enabling Upliftment

Enable upliftment of socially weaker sections of the society including women

Our Values

GoodSeeds will remain a community of people who care about their personal and family’s health, environment and society. Our community will facilitate lively interactions within and create accessible marketplaces to:

Being open & honest

We will maintain transparency in anything we do; be it product or service quality OR compensation to our suppliers

Being respectful

We see divinity in every living being; We respect people irrespective of their social strata and more importantly, ourselves

Being compassionate

Our community rests on being helpful and grateful to everything/everyone around us

Our Community Model

GoodSeeds community embraces consumers, producers and facilitators / aggregators of sustainable products:

For consumers

We create awareness and provide access to healthy, natural product choices both offline and online

For producers

We facilitate local, regional and global markets (in the same order of priority) and enable fair price for their entire production

For aggregators & facilitators

we actively seek to expand customer base and reach through our bazaars and online community marketplace

Our Commitment to Mother Earth

Caring about our environment is a simple extension of caring about our community. We believe that by simply promoting healthy lifestyle choices, wise environmental practices and traditional wisdom, we can do our bit to protect our Mother Earth from rapid degradation

Sustainable agriculture

We promoting small community farming as opposed to corporate farming. We work with small farmer groups and cooperatives, who are led by respected individuals

Eco-friendly practices

We respect our environment and recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can and promote/support such practices actively

Traditional Wisdom

Over the years, our traditional wisdom in our diet, personal care and caring for our environment including being friendly to animals has been declining. We seek to create awareness and promote healthy traditional practices

Value Creation to our community and growth

Our mission is to create value to our consumers, farmers & local producers and partners. To our customers, we will provide access to the highest quality organic and natural products available. For small and marginal producers of sustainable products, we will strive to generate stable income and reduce financial risk. For our partners – be it our channel partners or investors, we will create “Win-Win” opportunities. As a community, we are committed to the following:

Delighting the consumers

We appreciate and celebrate organic and natural products and their influence on holistic health. Our community will assimilate information on sustainable choices and make those choices easily available at affordable prices

Commitment to fair price

Our farmers and rural producers of sustainable products subsidize their living and expose themselves to significant financial risks. However, they are not sufficiently rewarded for their efforts by the market, mainly due to middlemen and inefficient supply chain. GoodSeeds will seek to eliminate wastage and reward the producers “fair price” they deserve

Financially stable & growing

We will not seek unfair profits and seek to achieve this by adopting lean management practices and building a low-cost supply chain

Procure highest quality sustainable products

Our aim is to promote products that promote health and social / environmental sustainability. We will strive for the highest quality by working very closely with the producers.

High quality standards

We are setting very high standards for quality in collaboration with our suppliers. Our supplier culture is based on passion and pride of they produce as opposed to just profits


We promote highest quality products from small producer groups and cooperatives, who are influenced by pioneers in the fields of organic farming, environment preservation or social upliftment

Build an effective rural supply chain

Reducing product costs and improving overall experience is a key agenda for GoodSeeds. We are establishing innovative processes across our supply chain – procurement, logistics, storage and delivery and create value to our suppliers and customers.

Fair Price for producers of sustainable product

While our aim is to bring the cost of sustainable products comparable to non-organic, non-local counterparts, we will seek to achieve it through better processes instead of negotiating lower prices from rural producers

Reduce wastage

Over 10% of the costs of sustainable products can be attributed to system-wide wastage due to perishability and poor packaging. We will strive to eliminate waste and pass on the savings to the community

Unmatched experience

We are working to delight the consumers with a large product variety, real-time availability information and timely delivery. We will implement processes to reduce costs at the supplier end and ensure timely payments

Ensure quality in service

We believe providing our community with relevant information and providing timely access to quality products are key to realizing our vision. We will utilize innovative business practices and latest technology to provide the highest quality service.

Reliable Information and delivery

Consumers of GoodSeeds will have access to information on various needs, product availability & use and on any issues with regard to quality

World-class delivery service

We will seek to deliver products in a timely manner using the most efficient modes of transport

Comprehensive support to our producer community

Our goal is to create a stable market platform for local and marginal producers of sustainable products. GoodSeeds will provide marketing support and training to our supplier community